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Author Topic:   Tale of Ignoranc

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posted August 20, 2001 12:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Zed   Click Here to Email Zed        Reply w/Quote
It’s been 7 months since Zed Zeon joined the Vast Empire Navy, and he still a Leading Crewman. He spends his days slouching in his chair at his room or in the Bar. He don’t have a single clue why did WO1 Tylen put him in the Elite Viper Squadron although his lack of aiming combat skill.
A couple weeks later when Zed hanging around in the Bar, drunk that is; He was summon by (RA-L) Claw, Space Knight replacement for Navy TO. It looks like that Claw has few things in his mind; in this case it’s about Zed’s flight skill. And so, Claw gives some tips to improve Zed’s flight skill, and it works, the result he received from the Simulator Chamber change drastically.
“Well, I guess this is the beginning of a bright future for me” said Zed to himself.
Feeling over confident about his skill, Zed starts to skip his training simulation and just stay in his room; drawing his favorite art, Hentai picture. Suddenly Captain PJ, Zed’s Squad Leader breaks into the room and throws a Training Simulation Suit to Zed.
“ Suit up, Pilot. You got lot of things to catch “ said PJ.
Zed silently laugh “I guess he didn’t look at my statistic lately” and so he followed PJ walk into the Training Simulation Chamber.
Hours passed by and the score between PJ and Zed still tied, and in the very last minute Zed lead by 5 points ahead from PJ. They walked out of the chamber, exhausted. Zed never uses all of his stamina like that.
“ Not everyday you get a chance to fight your SC, and win; I guess you are ready now. “ said PJ.
Ready? Ready for what? PJ didn’t finish his sentence and he walk to his office leaving Zed in confusion.

-Month 7, 25 –

After he give a letter for his holiday take off to PJ, Zed fly to his home land Rodin System, Rodin III, rumors said that the people in there already have an official contract with the New Republic. I guess that explained the cold welcome from Zed’s childhood friends. Even Zed’s own father didn’t talk to him at his arrival.
Two weeks he spent his holiday at his homeland,..The situations a bit chilly, with the place under Imperial blockade, no ships allowed to leave or going to the planet unless it got the Grand Admiral permit.
The last day, Zed still playing with his little brother, skateboarding that is. It seems like his brother don’t want Zed to go back to the Navy, but stay with him all the time instead. But Zed already a pilot for the Imperial, and he have to go back or he will be marked AWOL.
The family escorted Zed to the starport, and for the first time since he join the Imperial Navy, his father talked to him.
“ Do what you think is right, and fight for it “ said Dad. Simple, but it really touched Zed’s heart.

-Month 8, 6 –

Zed came back to his simple but cozy room with very shocking news, his NCC was K.I.A a day before he came back. The Imperial will not stand idle, Imperial will fight back.

-Month 8, 7-
Zed was prepared the memorial service for his Naval Commander in Chief, Atrus. The room as fully crowded by people either from the VE and the allies.
“ Da*n, I should’ve go out more often, I only know about 10 people in here”, said Zed to himself.

-Month 8, 9-
Ambassador Trigit announces that the VE have a new ally “Force Elite Soldier” Zed doesn’t know what the ally really do anyway. Hrmm,.. Maybe they’ll help us to fight back against those Rebels. As he walks into the Bar, he found out that there’s a new member at his squad,… LCRW Emon.
“ Hrmm,.. Never heard of him “, said Zed to himself. And he gulped his drink and slouched in the bar’s counter.

-Month 8, 10-
A knock on the room’s door made Zed awake from his daydreaming.
“Gimme a sec,” said Zed.
But the knocking didn’t stop. Apparently the guest didn’t hear Zed voice. Zed fumbled looking for the doorknob, and he open the door and saw a nice young man in his face.
“ Hi, are you Zed, I’m Emon, nice to meet you,” the man said.
“Oh, yeah, come in, so what makes you come here,” said Zed since he still got a hangover from yesterday’s drunk.
Zed took two cans of beer and gave one to Emon.
“Didn’t you know? I’m your wingman,” said Emon.
Surprised, Zed lost his grip on the beer can and the beer fell to the floor accidentally.

Elite Leading Crewman Zed Zeon
FM/LCRW Zed Zeon/Viper1-3/Wing1/m-SDD Atrus/VEN/VE
Elite Trooper Dez
Anywhere can be heaven as long as you have the will to live - Ikari Yui
Pleasure is a sin, and sometimes sin is a pleasure - Lord Byron
Omoi de wa itsumo kirei dakedo, Sore dake ja onaka ga suku wa-Judy n Mary


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