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posted May 09, 2001 01:50 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Daishi   Click Here to Email Daishi        Reply w/Quote
[Who says all we have to write about is the preseant?]

Time: A few months after Episode VI
Location: A little known planet that will have many reprocutions for the future.

Robert had been to the council chambers on many occassions. Something seemed different this time.

Rumors that the Empire had been crushed managed to find thier way into the smugglers that kept Varneck informed and supplied with what it could not make itself. These seemed supported by the fact that most of the Impirial garisson had left. Varneck hadn't been in the Empire that long and it's position was a closely guarded secrete and the mere existence of the planet was only a rumor in the neighboring star systems.

Robert entered the great hall to find the familiar faces of the planetary council, even the closest thing Robert had to a girlfriend was preseant in her ussual role as Smuggler Relations Represenative.

"Robert, I have some sad news. The rumors about the Emporer's death are true. We have lost all the extra garrisson supplied by the Empire. With things the way they are your Imperial Colonel's commission no longer means much. As such we are restoring you to your Varneck Planetary Defense Force rank of Air Comandant. With this we are also giving you a new task. Take your special item and see how bad it really is out there. The garrisson took the Holonet equipment with them. I recomend you use a false name to keep yourself out of trouble with the Rebel Alliance. Neeman Colpman here will be responsible for making sure you are always equiped with everything you need. We have authorized the release of three suits of Varneck Marine Combat Armor, patches for the armor, and the Modified Persuer class vessal, the Royal Barkalounger." The leader of the council spoke as Robert stood there silently.

"I shall do as you ask. I shall make myself known by one of three callsigns so that you may more readily keep track of my exploits, Kawasaki, Daishi, or Kuroishi." Robert responded after a moment of contemplation.

Kawasaki had been Robert's Varneck Planetary Defense Force Fighter Pilot Callsign for many years now. Daishi was his Varneck Marine Callsign. Kuroishi is the designation he hoped he'd never have to use but would if the situation warrented it.

Robert removed his normal name tag and left only his callsign tags to show that he would only reffer to himself by those callsigns, even when asked his name.

"Go now Kawasaki. I expect to see you again soon. I expect that you will bring your dedicated service and the Royal Barkalounger back to this planet and it's defense forces." The council leader said as Robert, now to only be known as Kawasaki left the great hall.

As Kawasaki suspected his two best friends Jansom and Jahromk were waiting for him at the star port with his bags.

"Now remember Bob, the gravity difference between this world and the majority of most other worlds is quite significant." Jansom said in his ussual jovial manor.

"Jansom, if you were not my friend I'd rip you in two for calling me Bob, you know I hate that. Jahromk, take care my old Hysan friend. I enjoyed the blade fighting lessons you and your brother gave me, far better then anything I got out of the acadamy." Kawasaki said as he gave a quick salute to each man in farewell.

"I predict that you will find yourself using your marine callsign within a year, knowing how well you fly." Jahromk replied in his native tongue.

"All right, you two have poked your fun at me, I hope you enjoyed it because it will be a while before I come back to this abuse. After all this is pretty much a paid vacation." Kawasaki replied as he grabed up his bags and climbed aboard the Royal Barkalounger.

Kawasaki had flown the Royal Barkalounger on a few occasions in combat and it was quite impresive for a craft of it's size. Kawasaki still wished he could have one of the custom rigged fighters from the defense force but he knew that was impracticale considering his mission.

Looking out over the frozen landscape that was early winter on Varneck, the tundra never seemed so awe inspiring, it was as if this was a message that Kawasaki would not return to Varneck for a long time or very often.

Kawasaki had managed to get into contact with what appeared to be a faction fo the Empire known as the Intruder Wing quite quickly.

Not too long after joining them Kawasaki discovered Jahromk was right, he did indeed change his callsign from the well used pilot callsign he had carried for so long for his marine callsign of Daishi after he had been outperformed consistantly in fighter combat.

Daishi figured that it was due to the fact that he was over twice the age of most of the pilots of the Intruder Wing.

As they say, the rest is history.

"Indecent exposure is fun." Sonatina

"If we have all knowladge then we would not wish to seek what we know, but if we had no knowledge how could we even ask a question?" Plato on knowladge.

"There are at the least three sides or choices to any situation." Me

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COL Argon Viper

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posted May 10, 2001 05:53 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for COL Argon Viper   Click Here to Email COL Argon Viper        Reply w/Quote
Time---right after Episode VI

Argon Viper had just completed his most recent hunt, bringing glory to his clan.

The news of the Emperor's death brought an added light to the party, as it was brought along with an offer for Argon.

The HOS:SO, which Argon had worked with in the past, was now offering him a permanent position in their elite squadron.

He quickly accepted, bringing his equiptment with him, and preparing for the massive number of skulls he might accumulate....

(COL Argon Viper)

(More on this later, this was before even the DLSF, and way before my time with the IW...)


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