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Author Topic:   haracter developmen

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posted April 30, 2001 11:31 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Daishi   Click Here to Email Daishi        Reply w/Quote
Here is a gift from the head terrorist.

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posted April 20, 2001 04:06 AM
ok now that the story is finished, you guys can post here and finish off your characters or do whatever you'd like with it
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posted April 22, 2001 08:59 PM
Since im back in the army I decied to say what happens to Japer after the final batte.

After the furious battle and injuries, Japer lay in his bed asleep. And awoke, only to relize that he had to flee to his home city of Nar Shadda. He must visit his wife and kids. As Japer flies away in his TIE intercepter, he plays "The Wind Cries Mary"

Im making a page to follow this up.



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posted April 22, 2001 09:23 PM
A few days after the final battle

As I walk into the bar I spotted Seth already gulping some drinks down. I made my presence know by waving to him, he waved back.

"Hey Seth, how've you been? Haven't seen you in a while. Its nice to see a familiar face around here."

"I'm fine, so what brings you here DW?"

"Oh just having a couple of drinks."

I find an empty seat next to Seth and sit in it.

"The usually sir?", the Bartender asks. I signal him a 'yes' by giving him a nod. Soon the Bartender get my drink ready.

Seth and I raise our glasses. "Cheers! For the glory of the empire!"

Corporal Demi Wraith



COL Argon Viper
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posted April 22, 2001 09:47 PM
On his home planet of Toola, CRP Argon Viper visited his clan.
He was welcomed warmly, and he was proud to announce the overwhelming ammount of kills he had acquired since last time he ahd visited.

With the ammount of kills he had made in service to the Empire, he easily outranked his clan chief.

This got most of the young ones thinking about service to the Empire as well.

He was welcomed as a hero, asked for help with everything from weapons operation to stalking methods.

It was good to be home...

CRP Argon Viper(VE)
Osiris Regiment
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Isis Company
Storm Platoon
Fallen Angels Squad
COL Argon Viper{ret}(IW)
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posted April 22, 2001 11:27 PM
Glupping yet another Super Raze down, Seth felt really good. Turning to DW, he slurred,

'Heyya, havent seen ya for some time man. Where have you been?'

'Been kinda busy actually.'

Seth grins.

'Then ya better pop back into a couple of activites. Wanna a game of Sabacc on a few credits?'

'Could do. Let's grab Japer along too.'

---5 minutes later---

Seth and DW headed out of the Bar, feeling a bit wobbly. They had a good time, but they still had clear brains, a miricle considering they glupped at least 10 drinks down.

They strolled to the Lounge, discussing about the recent developements and activities.

Seth 'Iarco' Ixesis
Coporal of the Wraith Squad


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posted April 23, 2001 02:50 AM
The Sweetums had served as the Fallen Angels command ship for nearly a year. Since the Fallen Angels did not take up any where near all the space available to them on the ship they had managed to make some interesting improvements.
Daishi sat with his clone. Both were working on a cup of tea each.

Most of the Fallen Angels were away visiting friends and familly. Daishi and Kuroishi did not have that luxery. With his home under NR control and the closest things he had to real friends now all away or now his enemies Daishi and Kuroishi could only sit there by themselves wondering if someday they would ever get to go home again.

Lately the Fallen Angels were begining to chafe under the new regs they were forced to adopt. Since so many efforts were taken to make sure that Daishi and Kuroishi came out as identical as possible they both looked the other square in the eye. Both could sense the situation was coming to a head and no one would like the outcome. Both knew they had to do something to buy time so that at least the possibility of a reasonable solution could be preasented.

Daishi and Kuroishi had never really been that much in actuall command of the Fallen Angels. They had lead because the Fallen Angels let them and they both realized that. Though Giest was older they both knew he had a greater talent for the kind of warfare that the Fallen Angels used then either of them. Master is a jedi and his companions Narm and Argon were quite a team unto themselves. Ramon Stonefish in all reality is probably more qualified to command the Fallen Angels. Jingo had been through enough hell to make Daishi's and Kuroishi's expieriences pale in comarison. Ferox and Death Wookie combined could do more destruction then any other two beings in existence and niether could be stopped by the other Fallen Angels unless they wanted the Fallen Angels to stop them.

Daishi's and Kuroishi's thoughts were interupted by an approching person, Fury, probably stopping by before he went to his own leave.

"What can I do for you L T?" The duo said in unison.

"I was curious about a few things before I left for my leave." Fury replied obviously somewhat unnerved.

"Kuroishi why don't you go have a few words with Captain Greyscuttle while me and Fury talk." One of the duo said.

"Very well." The other replied as he left the room.

"Thanks that was just too wierd." Fury said as the one designated Kuroishi left.

"I know. I'm still getting used to it and I've had him for nearly two years, or he has had me for two years. No one really knows who or why Robert "Daishi" Lee was cloned and no one really knows who is the original anymore." Daishi said as he sipped some more tea.

"First I want to know what is in that bottle you gave me. Second I want to know what is this Eridani you keep reffering to." Fury replied.

"The first one is easy. That is a bottle of Varneck Citrus. I kept a very small stash even after I commited myself to no longer drinking alchohol or alchohol like substances. Some for people who wanted it, some as barganing chips, and some for straight forward trade. It isn't caustic if that is what your after. The second will take some time." Daishi responded as he got himself more tea.

"I have some. Please tell me." Fury said as he took a bar stool near Daishi.

"About a year and a few months ago I had managed to raise an entire division of troops for the Intruder Wing. As reward I was given the unenvyable task of commanding this division. As I told you before the Fallen Angels were in various places in the command structer with the three exceptions. Not long after the New Republic formed a task force under the command of a rather colourfull charachter named Boo Wood. No one is sure what species he is. He managed to blast through the Intruder Wing's defenses in every system in lightning simultainious attacks. Instead of placing my division in a no win garrission stance I moved them out to counter attack instead. The regiment under the command of Tycho Celchu managed to secure Vol and even steal a VSD for thier return trip as thier previous ride got destroyed. My regiment was in the process of a smash and grab operation to even get enough transports to convey the Planetary Operations Division around. After we secured enough transports for my regiment and Ardan Sortek's regiment we got the call that Eridani had been raided. So I collected Ardan Sortek's regiment and I took our two regiments to attempt to recapture Eridani. Our best intel said that Boo Wood left two heavy infantry regiments on world as garrison. Initially we had great success. About a week later is when the armoured division showed up and chewed our primarilly infantry regiments to shreds. If it were not for the help of some unkown allies we would have lost a lot more then just fifty percent of our troops. That was the day I truely earned my rank of General, as did every member of the Planetary Operations Division that was in that action earn thier respective ranks that day. If we had used tactics we have now back then we would have done much more serious damage. Because of how well the troops held and still managed to perform despite extreme enemy preasence I find it a bit selfish on the Vast Empire's part to not recognize that. I also recognize it is even more selfish on our part to expect things to be the same despite new leadership." Daishi recanted as Fury sat and listened intently.

"I think I understand a bit more about you now then. That also explains why I can't recognize your insignia, you're wearing your Intruder Wing General insignia." Fury replied.

"After Eridani was really the bad time though. The Intruder Wing no longer had any real ground forces to speak of after all the heavy causualites and desertions. Boo Wood was replaced because of his inhumane tactics. Finally the last world of the Intruder Wing was overrun by the New Republic and what was left of the Intruder Wing managed to relocate to a secrete facility. It was at that point I formed what is now the Fallen Angels. Despite only being six people in strength we gained more success then the entire Planetary Operations Division." Daishi replied before finishing off his tea.

"That sounds a bit wierd, though not totally impossible." Fury replied.

"The tactics of squad warfare are a bit more my level of expertiese. That doesn't mean I can't lead an army though." Daishi replied.

"I think that settles my curiosity for now. I may have to come by more often, esspecially now that we seem to be able to get along." Fury said as he left the room.

A few more minutes of silence followed before a buzz from the comm brought Daishi back to awareness.

"Kuroishi here. Captain Greyscuttle tells me that he was ordered by someone higher up in the brass to keep Fury's arival secrete. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Kuroishi said over the comm.

"Yes." Daishi replied.

Not many people had the savvy to get Captain Rezmond Greyscuttle to recognize thier higher rank and thus follow thier orders. Just the fact that the person out ranked him and knew fury was coming here limited the list down fairly drasticlly by itself.

Daishi could only think of three people who could have pulled it off, but he didn't care right now. Even if it were really a spy mission to keep the Fallen Angels in check despite thier loose interpritation of the regulations it didn't matter. He knew that for now the Fallen Angels had earned thier keep.

"Indecent exposure is fun." Sonatina

"If we have all knowladge then we would not wish to seek what we know, but if we had no knowledge how could we even ask a question?" Plato on knowladge.

"There are at the least three sides or choices to any situation." Me

"Indecent exposure is fun." Sonatina

"If we have all knowladge then we would not wish to seek what we know, but if we had no knowledge how could we even ask a question?" Plato on knowladge.

"There are at the least three sides or choices to any situation." Me



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posted May 01, 2001 06:42 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Geist   Click Here to Email Geist        Reply w/Quote
(Its three in the morning and I can't sleep, might as well add to this one)

There were good birthdays and bad birthdays. Geist had spent his last birthday in bitter combat on Eridani, assigned to Major Yatani's first wave that secured the planet's starport. For gifts he got a nice promotion and a commendation for... what exactly? Surviving he supposed.

On the other hand, his fifty second birthday seemed to be going quite well.

Geist sat in an overstuffed chair with his feet up, gazing out a window at a nearby beach. He was relatively new to this experience, having been born and raised on Coruscant, where a real beach is awfully hard to come by, but he was learning to enjoy it quickly.

A woman and child were coming up the beach towards the house, carrying a small bundle of fish. Geist smiled and went outside to meet them.

"Dad!" The kid yelled in delight, then ran up and grabbed Geist's legs. "I caught a fish!"

Geist smiled again "You did, did you? Well, let me see it."

Sol went over to the bundle of fish and pointed at one in particular. "That one is mine." He said proudly.

"He's a big one." Geist replied.

"Uh huh. And we're gonna cook him up and eat him!" The four year old said with a giggle. "I'm gonna go show Erin." He took the fish inside.

Geist watched him go in. "He's a beautiful kid, hon. You've done a good job with him."

Mellisaa leaned her head on his shoulder. "He missed you a great deal. We both did."

"I'm sorry I couldn't have been there. I'm sorry I left."

"What matters is that you are here, now."

"But I won't always be here, I'm still a soldier, Hon."

"You could retire." Mellisaa said with a smile. "You are a thirty two year veteran, and I'm sure the Empire can spare you."

Geist sighed. "Thats the problem. The Empire can't. We're on the ropes Hon. We need every guy we can get. We are loosing this war."

"And would it be so awful if the New Republic won?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Geist admited. "The Emperor may have been a lunatic, but what he said made sense even if he didn't believe it himself. The gallaxy needs order, and I don't believe the New Republic is going to give it the order it needs."

"But will the Empire?"

"Yeah. It may need the boys and me, and other like minded souls, to prod it in the right direction, but yeah. If the generals and admirals don't like the way we prod, well, I'm not fighting for them, anyway." Geist glanced in the house. "I'm fighting so my son can have a better future. If they get in my way they aren't going to like my solutions."

"Just stay alive." Mellisaa said. "I just got you back. I don't want to loose you again."

Jociam Geist
Lt Colonel (ret) Intruder Wing

"I did it. Do you think I've gone to far?" -Dave Mathews Band

"A warrior leaves broken bodies in his wake because he knows the dead can never harm him." -Vlad Ward

"Quiet! A few more spot welds and lilly will be invincible!" -Uribitaki

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posted June 15, 2001 02:31 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for g5   Click Here to Email g5        Reply w/Quote
Snake layed do9wn on his bed and remembered his last birhday. It was nice o be 14 he thought. It had been just after the fighting was over and he was glad that he could celebrate it in peace. It had been a small get together, just him and his brother. They'd had fun though. They just talked for hours. Mainly they talked about life before their parents died and the time that Snake had spent as a pirate. Those were grim times, he remember. always trying to stay alive. The hardest part was to earn respect even tho he was barely 12 when he joined up.
At the same time Aarin was anticipating his coming birthday. HE planned to celebrate it with some old squadron mates and his brother. Talk about some of the battles that had been fought, the friends they had all lost and rest of it. He could clearly remember the day his parents had died, just after his 16th bithday. It was to be his 18th now. almost 2 years since the tragedy. He tried to think of something happier butfailed. He was startled when his brother walkied in. They decided to walk around for a while on the battle fields since they were both on R&R. It was a good dayfor a stroll, the sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. THe brothers just walked and talked for a while until they ended up back at the base.

Aarin "g5" Smiter
1-2 in Viper
TRP in the Raiders

If it weren't for women we souldn't have civilization. Men invented civilization to impress their girlfriends--Orson Welles


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posted June 15, 2001 09:30 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for COL Argon Viper   Click Here to Email COL Argon Viper        Reply w/Quote
Argon Viper, recently returned from Toola, immediately felt the seemingly sweltering heat, even though it was only about 10 degrees Celsius.

He felt the eyes of every being in the room turn to him, and felt their shock at seeing a Whiphid in an Imperial uniform.

On the way back, an angry Rodian had been stupid enough to challenge him, the thing's blood still decorated his tusks.

As he made his way through the port, he saw Daishi waiting for him near the exit.

His first thought was that Daishi was just there to welcome him back, but the presence of his uniform suggested otherwise.

"Hey Daishi, what's up?"

"Can't tell you here, might be bugged, come with me"

At this, Argon was startled.

Daishi had some of the best anti-espionage equiptment this side of the galaxy.

To say that a place might be bugged beyond his capacity to stop it... well, that was surprising.

"Okay, I know how much you hate lying around, so I found something for you to do,"said Daishi

"Already? Nice, this is the first time I've come back straight into something like this."

"Well, this probably could wait for a lot later, and it doesn't seem like it matters now, but it might matter in the future, so I figured you'd do it for fun."

"D*mn straight,"replied Viper

"Okay, Fury just came over and talked to me. That wasn't too odd, but then Kuroishi told me that Captain Greyscuttle had been ordered to keep Fury's arrival secret. That's odd, and I'd like you to find out who it is..."

SGT Argon Viper(I'm bored, okay)



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posted June 16, 2001 01:12 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Fury   Click Here to Email Fury        Reply w/Quote
Walking through the throngs of beings in New Rytolian...or whatever the High Council had decided to call it, Fury remembered the much more subdued and orderly days after the planet's capture and the city's reconstruction.

No mobs of people, just pristine buildings and small groups of troopers either patrolling, on some errand, or just gaping in wonder as massive construction droids turned a rubble-strewn muddy battlefield into a habitable environment before their very eyes.

Even as the Field Marshal had finished his comments and General Athran presented commendations, hundreds of descending shuttles showed the signs that the peace and quiet that Fury and the other troopers had so very much desired after the heat of battle.

Now, off duty and waiting for assignment, he saw them from time to time, wandering through tapcafes, bookstores, cantinas...the zoo, everyone had visited the zoo after the surreal experiences of seeing rare animals on the battlefield. But mostly, the troopers stayed quiet, even to each other.

The most depressing part was the apparent lack of appreciation shown by the population. After a revolt, the loss of many troopers, surprise attacks, deadly missions, and a desperate, determined enemy to defeat, it was rare to hear much of a kind word.

That said, it was not as if the transit had been easy for the citizens. Fury remembered sharing cramped transports with them and could excuse some of their lack of concern as part of a shared experience. But still it nagged at him to feel underappreciated.

Of course, a mission could fix that. Something to keep his mind occupied and away from the random thoughts that plagued him. Until then, he could think of heading back to his office and attacking the paperwork that had been patiently waiting his attention.

1LT Fury


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