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  Chapter 6: A New Beginning (Shadow's Alliance

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Author Topic:   Chapter 6: A New Beginning (Shadow's Alliance

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Kahl awoke staring at the sky, a red and orange swirl of colors- it was dawn.

Now was when the plans would begin, Kahl took a look around camp, Raistlin and Tarkin were asleep, they had probably been out late getting the things he had asked for. Wapo wasn't around...
As Kahl stood up, and whiped his eyes clean and stretched a bit, he noticed Wapo from a distance. As Wapo neared the camp he gave a wave, and walked to Kahl and spoke in a quiet voice, "Our ships are right where we left them, about half an hours walking distance."
Kahl nodded, and began to wake up Raist and Tarkin. After he noticed them relentlessly begining to awaken, he entered their tent.

The tent was a rather dislute place, nothing was there, really. Kahl and Wapo prefered to sleep outside, and all their supplies were out there as well. The only thing that littered the floors were a few maps, and what looked like a folder. Tarkin and Raistlin had found what he had asked for.

Kahl began to look over the maps, they were perfect. They had the locations of both the things he needed; supplies and the communications tower.
The system map of 'Reis' was also there, it was a mostly uninhabited system- the few persons who were there were miners, and maybe a historian or two. The only planet in the system that had been inhabited was deserted a decade ago. He was pleased to say there wasn't much- if any- imperial presance in the system.

As Wapo, Tarkin and Raistlin entered the tent, Kahl gave looks of thanks to Raist and Tarkin, then prepared to go over his plans, yet again.

"Alright," began Kahl, "Here's what we're going to do." Kahl spread the map of Loaith before them, and pulled a marker out, "You see these here?" Kahl began to circle three building scattered about the base, "These are basically supply depots, we're going to break into each one, individually, and take as many supplies as poosible. We have to be careful though, if necessary, just knock a man unconscious." Kahl knew they could all render a man helpless with just their fists, they were ex-pirates after all, "We are then going to approach this" kahl identified another structure about a quarter of a mile away from the base, "Comm tower, it keeps contact with the few ships orbiting this planet. We're going to make sure all of us leaving doesn't seem too suspiscious and make sure no one gives us away, I don't think we'd have much luck against any of those ships up there," everyone grinned. "I have a few thermal detonators in my bag, and if they don't do the trick we should find some explosives in the supply depots we raid."

"Now, after we've disbled the comm tower and stolen the supplies, you guys are going to flee to this transport with all the supplies," Kahl indicated where there should eb a few transports that ferried people and supplies to and fro the planet, "While I go to make contact with hte pirate's."
This was a part of the plan he had kept secret from them before, and Kahl could see the varying looks of surprise on their faces; Wapo looked like he had expected to be surprised, and maybe even thoought he might be planning something like this. Tarkin looked like his mother was tapping on his shoulder after he had stolen a pie, and Raist just looked plain surprised.
Raist spoke first, "But what if the pirate's attack you?"
Wapo shook his head, "No, I doubt they'll do that to someone who's coming in peace. And besides, we might be able to use them..."
Tarkin spoke next, "Of course, they can help us get off the planet, and help us deal with them in the future... I should've figured we'd need them."
Raistlin nodded his head sternly, "Yes, I thought as much..."

Kahl began again, "Alright, you guys are going with Wapo, you're going to need to protect him in the transport, it doesn't exactly have the best of weapons. Maybe you can steal some ties... if necessary, our old ships are here," Kahl indicated another place on the map, "You can take them, try to capture any possible ships, we'll need them."
Raistlin shuffled his feet, "How're we going to know if you made it out?"
Wapo smiled, "I think Kahl has a new base planned for us, correct?"
Kahl looked at Wapo and nodded his head, "Right," he said as he pulled the system map out, "This is the Reis system. We'll be fleeing here, it's mostly uninhabited, thought there will be a few mining colonies. The only planet in the system that has ever had any form of intelligent life is this one," he pointed to the third planet in the system, "Reis IV, or as we call it, 'Heifel.' That will be our new home, and there are plenty of places there to setup a solid base, I already have a few picked out in my mind. Everything clear?"
Wapo began to speak again, "Of course it's all clear, but I don't think you should get all the fun to yourself, I'm coming with you; when you go to meet the Pirate's." Kahl began to shake his head, "No Kahl, you can't, and it won't. If the Pirate's don't kill you, the Imperials will, and in this case, being by yourself won't make much of a difference. Anyways, having three extra arms around won't hurt you any, will it?" Wapo began to grin.
A voice sounded from outside, "Make that four." All four men leaped up, blasters and Vibros in hand, when a man entered the tent. He was wearing the same uniforms Tarkin and Raistlin were wearing, he, however, seemed much younger than the two.
Wapo had his blaster pointed right at the man's head, "Who are you and what do you want?" Wapo said in a queit, but stern voice.
Well" began the boy, "I'm Private Osirius, I was ordered to find these two, "He indicated Raistlin and Tarkin, "After they seemed to disapear. I overheard you guy talking from outside your tent.... and I want to join you. I've never really been a big fan of Imperials anyways."
Raistlin, Tarkin and Wapo all had their blasters pointed to Osirius's head, while Kahl had his Vibro blade ready to pierce the man's heart.
Tarkin began now, "Why should we trust you? Why shouldn't we just blow your head away, right now?"
Osirius now began to see what he had gotten himself into, he had probably thought they'd gladly except him... he had the look of deep thought on his face...
"Well?" said Raistlin, getting a little impatient.
Osirius began to speak, "Well, for one... I could have ran off and reported you immediatly... for two... you're willing to recruit Pirate's, why not me? And finally, I could still give out a shout, and they'd be upon you before you could flee..."
The tip of Kahl's blade was touching Osirius's skin, right where the heart would be, Kahl could feel the man's heartbeat right up along the blade, "Very well, you may come along... but it won't be easy."
Osirius let out a long breath he didn't even seem to notice he had been holding, "Thank you."
Kahl smiled at Osirius, "I assume you overheard our plan so I won't have to explain it to you, yes?" Osirius nodded.

"Alright, then let's begin. Since there's been a change in my original plans, we'll to improvise. The first thing we'll do is approach the Pirate's, it seems the most logical. Then we'll take the supplies, and I'll knock out the comm while you guy get the transport, I'll escape in one of the R-41's. Okay?" Everyone nodded in agreement, "Then let's move out."

Near the front lines.

Kahl heard a "Hmmm" sound come from Wapo, "What're you thinking about, Wapo?" asked Kahl.
"Well, we're nearing the front line, which means they'll be lots of troopers around, I think it'd be best if we went around... and I think we know of an open path." Wapo cracked a smile.
Kahl smiled backed, "Of course, the Ridgeline they sent us along to sweep up the civilians. Alright, let's go. It should be about an eighth of a mile that way." He pointed to his left.

As the group approached the Ridge-line, they noticed another group of men. One of them seemed vaguely familiar...
The other group of men noticed Kahl and company, and began to draw their blasters, and took aim... Raistlin began to draw his blaster, but Wapo held his arm back.

The other group of men noticed this action, and slowly began to holster their weapons at their leaders orders, the man who seemed familiar...
As the two groups began to aproach eachother, Kahl realized why the man seemed familiar- he was familiar, "Poly" yelled out Kahl. The other man seemed stratled at first, then paid closer attention to the men, "Kahl? Wapo!? Raist, Tarkin!? What are you guys doing here? And in Imperial uniforms?"
"Well," began Wapo, "We joined the Imperial army sometime after we divided..."
"Why would you do something like that? You know they've been murdering innocent people?" said Poly.
"Yes, actually we do." Poly looked at kahl questioningly, "And that's why we're here, we're rebeling against them. We have it all planned out, we were coming to get some aid from the Pirate's."
Poly smirked, "Well I can tell you they won't aid you any, they're all staying here to prtect their homes, and I suppose you mean to leave the planet?" When Kahl nodded his head, Poly spoke again, "Well, I don't see anything wrong with me joining you again, maybe some of my men will join you?" Poly looked to his men.
One man stepped out, "I will" Wapo looked at the man with a look of recognition on his face, "I know you" Wapo said, "You're Nivv?"
Nivv nodded his head, "We worked together for a while."
Wapo nodded in agreement, "Will any of your other men be joining us?"
The rest of the men shook their heads, Kahl formed a slight frown and said "Alright then, let's head back to base."

Nearing the base.

Kahl inspected Nivv and Poly; they were obviously Pirate's and would probably be shot on sight, no matter what Kahl said, good thing he had thought of this ahead of time.
"Look in my bag, there should be some extra trooper gear, put it on or you'll be shot." The two men agreed and began to look for something that fit them.

"Alright, we're going to hit some supply depots, after we're done all of you are going to escape in a transport, and any other ships you can rustle together, while I take out a comm tower. We're going to meet in the Reis system, but first the Supply depots." Kahl began to inspect his men, "Okay, Poly, I want you to go with Tarkin and Raistlin, they know the locations of the supply depots, correct?" Tarkin and Raist both nodded, "Good, I want you guys to take the one on the eastern edge of the base." Kahl nodded towards Nivv and Wapo, "I want you two to take the one on the northern side of the base. That leaves me and you," Kahl indicated Osirius, "We'll take the last supply depot, Okay?" Osirius nodded. "Okay, go. You guys meet at the transport while I take out the Comm tower, remember to take any possible ships."

As Kahl and Osirius split off from the rest of the group, he realized he was going to have to take Osirius with him to take out the tower, and was also going to have to fly an R-41 with him, "Can you fly?"

Osiruis seemed distant at first, "I think I can manage..." Kahl nodded, that'd have to do.

As Kahl and Osirius neared the Supply depot, they noticed two men standing guard with blasters. "How're we going to get passed them?" asked Osirius.
"It's easy, we'll just tell them we were asked to gather some supplies, they're barely even ranked, maybe just out of academy. They'll probably go along with it. If not we'll attack them, fists only, just try to render them unconscious."
Osirius nodded, "How can you see from this distance? I can barely even make them out. They could be Rancor's for all I can see." Kahl shook his head in confusion.
"Let's just go."

Kahl Saluted as he neared the guards, Osirius quickly followed suit, "Good monring privates, we've been asked to gather some supplies and bring them to Squad three."
The guards looked at eachother, then begun shaking their heads, "We're sorry, sir, we've been ordered not to let anyone enter the supply depot, unless we're ordered to do so directly."
Kahl shook his head and sighed, "Don't call me 'sir', Privates." Kahl struck one of the men in the nose, and hit him in the vocal cords so he'd be unable to give out a call, then grabbed his head and brought it down to his knee, this put him on the ground. He noticed Osirius had pulled his blaster out and used it to bludgeon the man in the temples, the guard fell on top of the man Kahl had just taken care of.
Kahl smiled, "Good job... let's go." Osirius smiled back.

Kahl picked up and took the keys from one of the guards belts, and used it to unlock the small lock that kept it closed. As they entered the building, a quick look around showed him everything was perfect. Blasters lined the walls, food stuffs were stacked in crates along another wall, and medical supplies lied in bins on the far wall.
"Grab as much stuff as you can, use the Trooper packs and bags over there to carry them, be quick about it." Kahl walked over to the food and opened one of the crates, 'Perfect,' he thought to himself, 'Packaged rations, they'll last a while.' He began placing as many of them as he could into a bag, then grabbed a trooper pack and filled that up. He then moved on to the Medical supplies and did the same, when he was finished he looked to Osirius and noticed he was burdened with blasters and thermal detonators, "Are you going to grab some of these, Kahl?"
Kahl sighed, "Might as well, I think you have enough there for a regiment though, through me one of those crossbows, a repeater blaster, and a couple quick-fire pistols." Osirius grabbed what he had asked for and awkwardly threw them to him, he caught them and buckled them onto his belt, and wore them around his body.

"Alright" begun Kahl, "Our ships are about 30 minutes out of base, we probably won't make it on foot, so let's go steal a speeder or something. There's probably some in back of this building, it is a supply depot, after all." Osirius nodded in agreement.
As they exited the building Kahl was happy to see both men were still unconscious, and probably wouldn't give them much trouble-- unless someone found them.
Kahl and Osirius ran to the other side of the building, and just as Kahl had thought, there was a speeder there, Kahl through some of the supplies in there, and thought for a moment, 'I could go back in get some more supplies, we might need them..'
"What's wrong, Kahl?" Osirius said with a worried look on his face.
Kahl hopped out of the speeder, "Wait here, be prepared to go at any time."
As Kahl entered the supply depot, he once again grabbed as many supplies as he could and put them in a bag. Mostly medical supplies and food stuffs, but as he was leaving he gathered a few more blasters, some mines, a few large rifles, and one rail detonator. 'They might come in handy,' he thought to himself.
He walked awkwardly to the speeder outback, burdened by the weight. He threw the stuff into the back of the speeder and hoped in besides Osirius, as he was doing so he heard a loud voice say, "Hey, what's going on!? Are you guys Okay?"
Osirius didn't even hesitate to ask, he started the speeder and jeted towards the location of the Comm tower.
Once they arrived at the comm tower Kahl quickly jumped up, grabbing two of the quick firing pistols, and entered the building. He held the two comm officers up and motioned for them to keep quiet, he grabbed the headsets from both of them and spoke into one of them, "Help, we're under attack by pirate's, they're trying to disable us, send hel--" the message would've surely broken off as Kahl began to disperse many shots into the communication equipment.
He motioned for the officers to get out of the building, as Kahl stepped out he noticed Osirius had set up explosives around the comm tower, he had a detonator in his hands, "Let's get out of here, I can detonate these from a distance." Osirius motioned towards the two officers, "You two would be wise to get well away from here." The two officers began to run away.

Osirius jumped into the speeder again, motioning for Kahl to do the same, and started off towards where the ships would be, Osirius detonated the explosives as they were driving away.
As they arrived, he saw the two R-41's he had hoped would be there, 'It's all so perfect' he thought to himself. "Come on, you sure you can fly these things?" he asked Osirius.

Osirius hesitated again, "I think so, I can pilot a tie decently, not much experience..."
"Well, I'll insert the coordinates into your nav computer, and when we're in the air, you just be ready to hyperspace out, Okay?"
"Okay" said Osirius with a bit more confidence.
As Osirius was loading the ships, Kahl began to calculate the jump, he knew the coordinates by heart, so it wasn't much of a problem. "Done."
"Me too, that's all of the supplies." said Osirius as he was brushing some dirt off his shirt.

As kahl was jumping into his R-41 he said, "Then jump in and let's get the hell out of here."

As he lifted off and went through the standard system procedures, telling the patrols that he was teaching a friend how to fly one of these things, he couldn't help but think if Wapo and the others had got out Okay, 'the only way to find out is to goto Reis.'

Kahl spoke over the sytem comm, "Punch it, Osirius." Kahl saw osirius disapear from his sensors, and he pulled his hyperspace lever too.

As he arrived near Reis Iv, or Heifel, he noticed a transport begining it's decent on the planet, Kahl spoke over the system Comm, "Did everyone make it out Okay?"
He heard Wapo's voice over the comm, "Yes, we're all here and well, beautiful plan."

Kahl began his decent onto the planet, when he landed and stepped out of the ship, he couldn't help but breath in the beautifully clean air, and notice his surrondings. So green and full of life.
"Home again" said Kahljorn, as a voice ringed in his head, "Yes, welcome home."

And so the rebelion was born. All who oppose us, beware.

The following members have defected to the Rebelion:
PFC Elwapo
PFC Kahljorn
Private Osirius
Private Tarkin
Private Raistlin

The following members have joined the rebelion:
Corran Nivv


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