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  Chapter 6 - Majere's Characte

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Author Topic:   Chapter 6 - Majere's Characte

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{OOC: This is my character and its state of mind during Chapter 6. If you wish to use me in your post please adhere to this post since this is how DJM Majere feels right now.}

As Majere quickly strode to his room he threw off his personalized Red Admiral's uniform. As he approached the shower he smelled the familiar scent of Sildrin and suddenly realized that she would not be coming home today. With all of Majere's feelings of love for Sildrin boiling up within him he started to feel an immense amount of pain and loneliness. With the intensity of 3 Jedi Masters, Majere force screamed so loud it instantly blew every single mechanical thing in his room. Majere was glad that he had his room armored for protection because if he hadnt it definately would have endangered the m/SSD Mustang. As Majere continued the force scream his eyes turned blood red, his ears began to bleed, and blood began to drip from his mouth. Majere continued to scream until every ounce of his force ability escaped him and he collapsed.

Immediately sirens rang and troopers had to use their manual override code to enter into Majere's room. When they saw Majere he was on his knees, blood spewing out of every orafice in his face. The medical officers immediately forced Majere on a streatcher and took him to the medical ward.

Threeof4 ran into the medical room where the doctors were examining Majere, "How is he." The doctors looked at Threeof4 with a grim face, "He will live. His love for Sildrin keeps him alive, as he keeps telling us. However, his ability in the force and the pain that he is currently feeling is keeping him and us from healing his wounds. I am afraid that he will not be able to hear or see you due to the blood that continues to escape his body. He can hear you and see you through the force of course, and he can talk like normal. However, I am going to keep him confined." Suddenly Majere got up and started heading for the door. The doctors ran to try and contain Majere but he used the force to slam them into the wall. Although Threeof4 agreed with the doctors, somehow he knew that whatever Majere was going to do that nothing would stop him. Threeof4 did not move a muscle as he watched Majere leave the medical ward and head back to his room.

Majere made a quick stop in his destroyed room where he grabed his Crimson Red Robe and gray lightsaber. Afterwards Majere hurried to the departing VEDJ shuttle. When the loader asked to see Majere's authority he opened his bloody eyes and mouth and said, "You will let me pass or die." The officer was suddenly horror striken at seeing Majere with blood covered eyes, pale face, and blood driping down Majere's teeth as if he drank it like water. As Majere boarded he drew the hood of his cloak around his face and lowered his head so nobody would see him in this personal pain. Already strapped in next to him was DJM Paan who suddenly stared straight at Majere with a shock of horrifying surprise. Paan wasn't scared of Majere, he was scared...FOR Majere. The pain, loneliness, and anger that Majere currently felt would be needed for this mission. However, at what price? Would Majere survive a mission filled with such a ferocious and uncontrollable ability in the force?

Nobody but Majere knows this answer. Paan forced himself to turn away from Majere as he strapped himself into his seat. Majere kept his head lowered along with the hood of his robe enclosed over his face. Silently Majere was looking forward to this mission. Somehow he felt that most of his pain would leave him one way or another. If he were to die pain would be gone, if he were to live then that would mean that his mission was a success, again his pain would have vanished.

Caramon Majere, Sector Admiral, Vast Empire
Chief Operations Officer
COO/SA Caramon Majere/HC-3/mSSD Mustang
DJM Majere/Advisor to the Grand Master


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