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posted January 19, 2001 03:03 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Daishi   Click Here to Email Daishi        Reply w/Quote
A while back I said I would expand my Bio. Well I finally have it filled out to my satisfaction. For all interested here you go:

Name: Robert Lee
Callsign: Daishi
Height: 1.9 M
Weight: 109 KG
Age: 42
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Home world: Varneck
Political affiliation: Imperial/Intruder Wing/Vast Empire
Ships of choice: YT-2000 Royal Barkalounger, Assault Gunboat
Weapons of choice: Vibro Katana, Command detonated blocks of C-8, and Double Barreled Blaster Rifle


Daishi started his military career by joining his home world’s planetary defense force. Due to his father’s political connections and current position in the military Daishi was placed in the Varneck Royal Military Acadamy. At the Varneck Royal Military Acadamy he meet two of his future allies that would serve him well until they both betrayed him and the empire (this will be explaned later). The first was Jahromk, a Hysan who had immigrated to Varneck after being exiled from his world for a period of time no less then 20 years. The other was Jansom Colpman. Jansom was a natural diplomat and gambler which gave him great success in the leadership tests but his lack of aptitude in the areana of combat would come to haunt him later.

While at the Varneck Royal Military Acadamy Daishi learned the skills necessary for boarding, capturing, and defending starships for the first four years. The following two years saw Daishi being trained as a starfighter pilot. One year was spent on developing Daishi’s natural talent as a sniper. The last of the eight year cirriculuim focused on teaching Daishi emergency field medicine.

The tours of duty that followed for the next several months were finnally broken when his homeworld made contact with the Empire. The Empire seeing the potential of the secondary industry of Varneck, small craft modification, quickly moved to secure the world. Though the world was large it had a very small populace.

Daishi’s father had at this time aquired complete possession of the primary industry on Varneck, making Varneck Citrus (A blend of local citrus fruits producing an effect a lot like alchohol but massively stronger).

Even with the pressence of the Empire life soon returned to the normal grind that everyone was accustomed to. However this was to be changed.

While out on patrol Daishi’s father was killed. The pirates responsible were quickly captured rather than vaped. The outrage of the populace demanded a greater price than the quick and what would prove to be a more humane death of being blasted. The trial was a farce even by Imperial standards and the pirates were delt with.

With this new opening Diashi became the new Suadron XO of Appex Squadron. Daishi soon forced himself into returning to the normal grind which would not last.

This when Daishi first met Amon Nezumi. Nezumi had been brought to Daishi’s world on the presumption that he was to be hired to destroy the star fighter modification facilities. With his natural paranoia Nez instead exposed the two rebel operatives trying to hire him for the job.
Again Daishi’s world was turned upside down as his new friend and squadron commander was killed by an Imperial Officer who was being “punished” by being sent to duty on Varneck. This officer was known to be unstable in the past.

While trying to flee Daishi commandeared the original Royal Barkalounger (A modified Persuer class vessal) and proceeded to chase after the Imperial Officer in his stolen shuttle. Daishi with his starfighter training obviously had the advantage and the chase was quickly over after both craft left the atmosphere. Daishi docked with the other vessal and put on a new type of marine armor recently developed with the help of Jahromk, Varneck Marine Combat Armor. Daishi grabed the tools of a marine and quickly gained entrance to the stolen shuttle. Once inside Daishi quickly did away with the Imperial Officer.

Again everything changed but not just for Daishi, but his entire world. News had reached them that the Emporer had died at Endor over the Holonet. With the chaos that followed Varneck once again slipped back into obscurity.

A few years passed and Daishi was out patroling in the Royal Barkalounger as he came across a new set of signals. These signals were imperial in origin though the IFF was slightly altered and came through as the Intruder Wing.

Daishi made contact but did not disclose anything about his homeworld. He also made arrangements to meet them back at the same spot in two days.

Once back home Daishi relayed the news to the planetary rulers. The rulers came to the conclusion that they needed more information and had been isolated too long. Thus Daishi was given the task of joining this group of Imperials and reporting back on the status of the outside. As Daishi had always done he obeyed.

Daishi’s history in the Intruder Wing is short. Joined as a pilot and made a steady climb through the ranks and positions until he finally got all the way up to being the chief intelligence coordinator(RPA). This position didn’t last long and Daishi was placed in charge of the ground forces and the Experimental Technologies Division.

Also shortly after becoming RPA and before being dismmissed he had been recruited into a dual affiliation with the Vast Empire as a mission planning consultant. Shortly after joining the Vast Empire the Royal Barkalounger was destroyed in an warhead handling accident while in the hanger bay of one of the VE’s ships. The Royal Barkalounger was replaced by the brand new YT-2000/Modified Royal Barkalounger.

While on a mission for the Vast Empire Daishi had ran into an old friend. Jahromk had been leading a pirate grouped backed by the New Republic and Daishi was forced into defeating him. Also during this time Jansom Colpman was making supply runs to make sure Daishi had everything he needed to keep the Royal Barkalounger in working order and other supplies so Daishi would never have to eat at the mess hall again.

While the Vast Empire was on the move to a new home system Daishi learned that Jansom Colpman had taken advantage of the political situation created when Daishi convinced the planetary council to loan him the spare frigate and five corvettes they had for the POD. Jansom took this even futher when the council switched from an imperial bearing to a NR bearing by organizing a small fleet. The bulk of this fleet was destroyed in a battle with the VE’s forces though there is still a strong preasence of NR military power at Varneck itself.

To date Daishi still serves both groups loyaly and little has actually changed.

Character notes:
Daishi has a code of honor fairly though not entrely unique. When he gives a pledge of loyalty it will take extreme circumstances to force him to recant. Daishi always feels he has a debt to repay to those who do a service for him, especially when it is saving his life. Daishi was taught the art of Brengrak, a type of sword dueling, by Jahromk, which he can probably still be convinced to use.

Stuborness and determination have been noted in Daishi’s basic psychological make-up.

Daishi is an excelent tactician, a great sniper, an ok marine, and a barely adequate fighter pilot.

All of Daishi’s technical ability is self taught. Not only does Daishi know how to fix his ship, he also knows a great deal about designing new ones.

Daishi is a fairly nice guy and stays laid back most of the time. When he is made angry it is definitely not a good idea to be within 112 meters of him as that will put you within wounding radius of his fragmentary grenades after he has thrown them as far as he can.

It has been a topic of discusion how Daishi appears to be in a VE controlled system and an IW controlled system at the same time.

Daishi has not been outside of the effects of Ysalimir for almost ten years now except for breif excursions. This means though that no known force user can recognize his mind.

Daishi has the unnerving ability to virtually disapear in front of people, in fact on more than one occasion Daishi has inexplicably disapeared from cameras.

Daishi is an avid collector of old slug throwing rifles.

Daishi has the neccesary knowladge to make a lightsaber but cannot due to his lack of connection to the force.

Daishi’s world is a high gravity environment and as such he has a greater physical strength and reaction time in lighter gravity worlds. This has come at a price for him though, the natural lifespan of those who live on Varneck is substantially shorter. In addition it has been noted that Daishi shows his age poorly.

Daishi’s arsenal stands as: Two captured lightsabers (One white and the other purple), one Vibro Katana, two DL-44 Blaster Pistols, two M-105 Super Heavy Blaster Pistols, one Timbique Edition Zues (slug), one Scoped Lee Enfield (slug), a Beraning Automatic Rifle (slug), one factory made Ion Rifle, one field made Ion Rifle, one factory made Double Barrel Blaster Rifle, one field made Double Barrel Balster Rifle, fourty 1KG C-8 “trip mines”, 120 1 KG C-8 command detonated blocks, 44 Thermal Detonators, 16 Fragmentary Grenades, 148 rounds for the Zues, 95 rounds for the Scoped Lee Enfield, 40 rounds for the BAR, and 94 clips for his blasters.

"Indecent exposure is fun." Sonatina

"If we have all knowladge then we would not wish to seek what we know, but if we had no knowledge how could we even ask a question?" Plato on knowladge.

"There are at the least three sides or choices to any situation." Me


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