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Author Topic:   Caramon Majere's Biograph

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posted December 12, 2000 02:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Majere   Click Here to Email Majere        Reply w/Quote

Caramon Majere quietly sat at his wooden desk on the Mustang. He turned his head to stare at the lovely sight before him and with the smile he was suddenly stunned by her beauty. Normally Majere wouldn’t share his office with anyone, but recently his life had changed for the better. He finally met someone that understood what he was going through, that was going through her own evils, he finally met the one person that completed his life. “The ancients have truly blessed me,” Majere thought. Majere sat back and remembered how his life began………..

A lone, dark jedi master sat at the command deck of his dreadnaught. After putting in his coordinates into the autopilot he grabbed his safe and walked toward his research center. After setting down the safe he suddenly got a signal that someone was calling him, “Sir. We got a distress signal from Fleet Admiral Tearance Eagleye. Would you like to hear it?” asked the dreadnaughts computer. “Very well, put it through here,” commanded the jedi.

“William…static…. need help….static….being a……static….by the New Republic. Sending……static”

William took a deep breath. He already knows that FA Eagleye was captured. However, he also knew that Eagleye had left a message for him, “Computer, take me to the coordinates that Eagleye left.”

Days later,

The hyperspace travel wasn’t to boring. The new items that the jedi obtained had provided him with enough research to last him a lifetime. William punched in the orders to collect all of the scattered parts from the fight that got FA Eagleye captured. After quickly rummaging through the parts he found what he was looking for. It was a lightsaber, belt, and communications device. The jedi put the lightsaber and belt aside and turned on the communications device, “William, by now you know that I am a prisoner for the New Republic. I dare not use my resources for my rescue because I need you to take my place in something. I only hope that some day you will come and get me, but for now I am sending you a complete list of equipment, papers, and other miscellaneous items you will need. Don’t worry, I will be ok. You have taught me well Master. Once you have completed your journey I need you to contact a man by the name of Grand Moff Raptor. Yes, he promoted himself to Grand Moff once he left the Imperial Order. There you will find all the help you need to further your own studies along with hopefully recreating a better Imperial Empire. Anyway, good luck William…and thank you.” As soon as the image of Eagleye vanished a tear ran down the jedi’s face. The jedi had suffered a lot lately and this news only hurt him that much more. Yes, the jedi was Eagleye’s Master. However, what nobody knew was that Eagleye was his brother. Someday he would avenge his brother’s capture. However, for now he will do what he asked and contact this….Grand Moff Raptor. When William left on his journey Raptor’s boys were a band of ragged misfits. However, they had the loyalty and the basics of something greater than he did ever see in the Imperial Order. The jedi looked through the papers for his new identity, “Hmmm. Caramon Majere. Didn’t I see this in a book some place?” He also found a storage full of parts for capitol ships, enough starfighters to pop a Death Star, and many small capitol ships such as Frigates and Corvettes. The jedi walked to his communications station, “Caramon Majere calling Grand Moff Raptor. I wish to assist you in restoring the once great Imperial Empire. I am sending you some things that I think you will like, along with my abilities as a dark jedi. I await your response. Majere out.”

A few days later the jedi got a response, “Admiral Caramon Majere. This is Grand Moff Raptor speaking. You have checked out and I am sending you the coordinates of where to meet me. We desperately need your help to run our Navy. I am sorry to hear about Fleet Admiral Eagleye being taken prisoner; he was a good man. However, I vow to avenge his capture by reclaiming this galaxy in the name of the Empire. I look forward to meeting you Admiral. Raptor out.”

A few days later on the ISD Nemesis,

A black shuttle opened up to show an Admiral walking down the plank. The Admiral wore a Crimson Red Robe over his normal black Admiral’s uniform and a lightsaber clipped to his belt instead of a gun. As the Admiral stepped down he quickly saluted Grand Moff Raptor, “Admiral Caramon Majere reporting as ordered sir.”

Raptor returned the salute with a smile, “Good to meet you Admiral. This is my partner General Vaderx. Behind him are other various people you will soon meet but for now we need to talk in my office.” Majere nodded as he followed Raptor’s entourage of guards to his office.

Raptor quickly got down to business, “Now, as you can see we are in trouble. Not only do we have to deal with the New Republic but we also have problems with our former allies, the Imperial Order. I have taken the liberty of giving your droid all the necessary pass codes to our star destroyers. I need your help in recovering our other three remaining capitol ships from the traitor Imperial Order spy. What you do with the traitor is no concern, but I need your help now. I have plans to bring the assistance of Admiral Von Reinthaler to run our Navy but he is currently busy with his own problems. Once he is here you will assist me in building the Vast Empire and our new group of Dark Jedi. I would like for you to depart immediately. Any questions?”

As Majere scanned the room he detected a very powerful presence in someone, “What is his name?” Raptor turned his head and smiled, “That is Kadann. I would like for you to train him as a Dark Jedi and have him help you run our Dark Jedi Order. He is already a Jedi Knight but he needs more training to become a Master.” Majere leaned back in his chair, “Excellent. As soon as I deal with this spy we will get to work. I have the need for a Dark Jedi such as this one.” Majere quickly got up and left the room, heading for a Tie Advanced starfighter.

Days later,

A very scared man in an Admiral’s uniform was pleading for his life, “N-no. P-please! I will do anything! I can make a deal with you. I know some people that can make you rich! I can see that you are a dark jedi. I know someone that can help you!” With an evil grin Majere spoke, “I need nothing of you. Your friends are petty compared to the power that I wield. However, I do need your help with something.” The Admiral sighed a deep breath, regaining his composure, “Anything. How may I be of assistance to you?” “I need you to test out my new creation. I think he would like meeting you,” Majere stepped aside to show a huge red beast. The traitor suddenly turned white and collapsed just before the beast took the Admiral, and shredded him with his bare hands. A few more minutes Majere noticed the rest of the Navy’s top officers had already escaped. Majere opened the door to allow some stormtroopers to enter, “Sir, you called?” As soon as the stormtroopers saw the beast and the blood everywhere they started to back up. Majere spoke, “I wouldn’t back up if I were you. Another of my friends wouldn’t like you to step on his toes. I need you to clean up this mess and assist me in getting our ships back on line. Is that understood trooper?” The stormtroopers turned around, still scared out of their wits. It took all of their training to answer, “Y-yes sir. We will take care of this mess immediately sir.” Majere quickly left the room and headed for the Ship Captains office. He needed to start working on fixing the ships computers immediately.

[the rest is recent history]

Caramon Majere, Sector Admiral, Vast Empire
Chief Operations Officer
COO/SA Caramon Majere/HC-3/mSSD Mustang
Kaph Squadron Commander
CMDR/SA Majere/Kaph 1-1/mSSD Mustang


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posted December 14, 2000 02:19 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Threeof4   Click Here to Email Threeof4        Reply w/Quote
Ahhhh, so that's how it happened.

very very interesting.




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posted December 14, 2000 06:42 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Daishi   Click Here to Email Daishi        Reply w/Quote
Shoot I had been contiplating filling out my own bio a bit more lately now it appears I have no choice but to do so.

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