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Author Topic:   alot of RPG info
posted April 28, 1999 03:17 PM              Reply w/Quote
1. you need players we all know that
2. pick what style you would like to play such as dice or no dice
a. if dice play by the dice rules
b. if no dice play free style
3. pick how you want to play like all players on one side or player vs. player
a. if players all on one side you always make up who you are fighting
b. if you pick player vs. player there are 2 ways to do that
1. player vs. player who kill each other meaning the loss of players (not a good idea unless you have alot of players)
2. player vs. player have the same mission out line just make the out comes the same like say the rebs. have to kill some one on the rebel side the mission as as plane but on the emp. side the person dosenot die in other words make 2 diffrent games one for each side
4. you should have a chain of command or ranking sytem so everyone knows where they stand and whos in control
5. you should not make it easy for anyone to make high rank or special powers just because there your friend let them show it and prove that they are worthy of it also on that note all players should have a change to gain power and rank in this game the power of the force don't just give it out let them earn it in game play
6. each player should bow, salute, or show any other sign of respect toward one another remmber we want this as real as we can make it
7. no God modeing or showing favoratism you must be fair to everyone
8. always remmber even though your the game master the players are what make the RPG
9. play it well play it fair and above all make it fun!
here are a few F.A.Q.
What is a Role Playing Game (RPG)?
A roleplaying game is a game of skill, luck, thinking, but mostly fun, where you act out the part of a character in a game.

How is a RPG played?
A RPG is played by having players, who play characters, roleplay what they want their characters to do, while one player, the Game Master, controls all Non-player characters (NPC) and decides what happens, and controls all outcomes of all players actions. The players decide thier actions and roll dice to determine how well, or how badly, they performed on that action, but you don't have to roll dice for every action. You would roll dice to determine how well you dodged a blaster shot, but you don't have to roll dice to do something like speak to a person, or to walk somewhere.

How do I make a roleplaying character?
To make a Roleplaying character you must know what you want your character to be, like a TIE Fighter pilot, or Stormtrooper. You will need a name for your character. You must write a background for your character, which doesn't have to be long, but the longer the better, and you need a physical description for your character containing height, weight, age, sex, species. You also might want to add eye and hair color, build type (like heavy or medium build), and any other physical descriptions you might want to add. Once you know this information email Game Master Sesswanna or Game Master Auroras and they will create your character for you.

What do I need to RPG?
To Roleplay with us you will need an IRC client, which you can get at , your character sheet, and your brain. You will not need a dice script because only the Game Masters may use a dice script when we roleplay, which eliminates any possibility of cheats.

What if I cannot make any RPG games on IRC?
We will soon have a Message board system for games also, for people who cannot make it to IRC games. The message board games will have a 2 day deadline for turns, so everyone will have plenty of time to post a turn on the board, but if you cannot post your turn within 2 days the Game Masters will take your turn for you, so that the game will progress. To roleplay on the message board you will need only your character sheet and your brain.

When are RPG games?
Currently there are no scheduled RPG games, but will be at least weekly ones in the near future.

Who are the Game Masters?
The Current Game Masters are Rear Admiral Sesswanna , and Commander Auroras .

Will Game Masters show favoratism toward specific players?
Game Masters will absolutely not show favoratism toward any players, if a Game Master expresses favoratism toward any player he will be punished for his/her actions.

I hope this ansers some question and shows you what I would do good luck to you all!

"I'm going to show you the terrors of hell before I send you there!"


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